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Roderich Schupp (
Sun, 31 May 1998 20:09:40 +0200

"Yin Dadian" <> said:
> So i want to see its source "mknod" ,but i can't find it. Who has this
> file "mknod.c" or such as this ? Can you give me a copy ?

The problem is not mknod (i.e. the program, BTW yours is most
likely from GNU fileutils). The kernel (even in 2.1.x)
restricts minor device numbers to 8 bits. (Don't confuse this with
the user level include files, e.g. glibc sports larger minors,
but of course can use them only if the kernel supports it.)
I doubt that the 2.1 /dev/pts can get around this. After all it still
has to return different minor device numbers for different ptys.

Given this restriction your only chance to have more than 256 ptys
is to hack the driver source to allocate another major device number
for the next 256 ptys etc. BTW what are you really trying to achieve?
Do you really need >256 user terminal sessions? Maybe there's
another way to solve your original problem?

Cheers, Roderich

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