Re: oh woe, oh woe, oh woe is me... [2.0.34p16 + 3com]

Olaf Titz (
Thu, 28 May 1998 11:52:16 +0200

> As I understand, the question is that newbies just install gated and after
> some time gated deletes their default route because nobody announces routes
> in the network. And they think itäs a network card/driver problem.

gated is one of those pieces of software that should _never_ be
installed by default. It is for people who already exactly know what
they are doing _only_. Someone who needs to ask what gated is does not
need it, period.

This is a permanent gripe to distribution maintainers of any kind. For
some years now SysV and other OSs ship with a "routed" installed and
activated by default. Put several of those boxes on a network and have
only one of them slightly misconfigured, and everything gets messed


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