Re: Linux-2.0.34 & crashme

Jens Lautenbacher (
27 May 1998 19:23:46 +0200

Jens Lautenbacher <> writes:

> (Alan Cox) writes:
> > > No logfile-entry, no "oops" on the console, just dead!
> >
> > Do you have swap > memory size ?
> >
> Hmmm. For me, 2.0.34pre15 look solid at least every 3 days, without
> any hard action going on. I HAVE swap > memory (mem=128M, swap=128M
> priority 1 and a raid0 (two partitions) of together 128M at priority
> 2)
> I almost never see any logs in the message file. This is becoming
> extremely annoying and I'm more than willing to make any tests on my
> machine you guys need to track this down.... :-), actually, :-(
> jtl

I just want to add that I use that machine under very heavy stress
both for SCSI and memory without any problem. E.g. I recompile the
gnome desktop (which is partly c++) with "make -j" which always gets
me up to 140M into swap space (that means around 270M total memory)
and I never had a problem with the newer kernels, no sig11 or
something like that.

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