2.1.101 and 1.1.102 lockup!

Justin Chapweske (chap0123@tc.umn.edu)
Fri, 15 May 1998 20:10:42 +0000

Hi, I recently tried upgrading from 2.1.97 which ran fine, to 2.1.101
and then again to 2.1.102 and I've gotten the same problem under both.
When my machine goes to "Remounting root device with read-write
enabled." and it runs /sbin/mount -w -n -o remount / during bootup, it
just sits there and doesn't do anything...The caps lock/num lock/etc
still work but CTRL-ALT-DELETE doesn't so I'm forced to hard power down
the machine :(. I tried upgrading to the latest version of mount and
that didn't help either.

I am running a hacked-to-hell version of slackware on my machine

Tyan Tomcat III (SMP=1)
96 megs EDO
2.1 Gig WD caviar (EIDE)
6.4 gig WD caviar (EIDE)

I'm not a kernel hacker so if you need any more info just tell me.


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