RE: The Masses Have Spoken on the Boot Logo Topic :)

Jordan Mendelson (
Fri, 15 May 1998 18:54:03 -0400

> The current slashdot ( poll is "The Answer to the
> Linux Boot logo Debate." I just voted (for No Logo by Default, of
> course:), and here's the current results.
> Logo by Default [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] 45 / 34%
> No Logo by Default [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] 38 / 29%
> Just Leave it Alone [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] 12 / 9%
> Who Cares? [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] 36 / 27%
> That's a total of 63% (+/-1%) that are FOR a boot logo. The majority want
> it by default, but it's a narrow margin. Only 9% don't want it, and 27%
> don't care either way.

Are we reading the same poll. The majority do *NOT* want it by default.. the
numbers for no:

No logo by Default 29%
[we'd like a logo.. but we don't care to see it. we will probably enable it
once, then turn it off forever.. basically the same as a kernel patch :)]

Just Leave it Alone 9%
[i don't want to even view the logo once]

Who Cares? 27%
[it's not a life threatening problem. i'm surprised someone actually gives a
damn about this sort of thing and they should probably be shot for not
working on something more important.]
total: 65%

The numbers for yes:

Logo by Default 34%
[we like eye candy. we will settle for simple ASCII, but then we will want
320x200@8bpp, then that will not satisfy us and we will want 640x480@8bpp,
then someone will modify it to 32bpp. then someone will create the ultimate
1280x1024@32bpp. but wait, i want more, need animation and maybe a little
interactivity until finally we have a game before we boot.]
total: 34%

Really, this poll wasn't put together well. It should have stated how big of
a patch it would take to add something like this... I would guess that the
people who say "No logo by Default" would have voted "Just Leave it Alone"
if they knew it was going to waste RAM.


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