Re: oops's and bad behaviour with 1Gb ram

Jelle Foks (
Fri, 15 May 1998 20:31:41 +0000 ( )

On Thu, 14 May 1998, Khimenko Victor wrote:
> 13-May-98 16:08 you wrote:
> > On Wed, 13 May 1998, DAVID BALAZIC wrote:
> >
> > #>I have a nice machine to play around with at work (4Way PPro, 1Gb ram),
> > #>and Linux is now on one of the disks.
> > #>
> > #>There seems to be some trouble accessing all of the memory. Without
> > #>using mem= lilo options only 64M of the 1Gb is recognized automatically.
> > #According to the docs in /usr/src/linux/Documentation ( the file is memory.txt IIRC )
> > #Linux currently does not detect more than 64M of RAM. For anything more You
> > #must use the mem= command line parameter.
> >
> > This is annoying and confusing and a real PiTA for some of us. I think
> > that should be on the list of things that need 'updated or fixed'. Beyond
> > the nfsroot ps/2's and this computer, the smallest amount of memory I have
> > in a system is 128M. The majority of my systems have 512M or greater.
> >
> AFAIK there is problem with old BIOS'es :-( It's better to have system working
> on most computers (may be not optimal, but still working :-) then OS that will
> work "just right" on new powerfull cumputers but not at all on old ones...

Then why not make it a kernel compile-time configuration option

"Probe for >64MB RAM (N/y)? "

Or somehow detect the old BIOS'es inside the memory-scan routine.

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