Re: smp support for PII's

Matthias Hennig (
Fri, 15 May 1998 21:51:53 +0200

matthew willner wrote:
> I want to know more about the reliablity of SMP and PII w/ kernal version 2.0.33. I have the system up on a Gigabyte GA686xxx w/ 2- PII266 chips.. The bogomips on the second chip is being reported as 2.36.. I read there is a patch but was told that it would not work with PII's.
> The system is going 2 be a Web Server and I can't afford any problems with the server when put in live production... HELP!
> -Matt

There is a patch thar works:
(the MTRR-Patch, the later versions patch against kernel > 2.1.9x, I
think). This Patch solves the BogoMips problems which I also had on my
IWill-Board and also adds MTRR-Registers. It is included by Linus in the
latest Kernels.

I used 2.0.33 quite a long time on a ordinary Pentium system
(WWW-Server, Samba (heavy load!), FTP...) and had no problems all the
time. I would
say that it really is more stable than a NT System - good choice.

Currently I use the 2.1.101(2)-kernel on a IWill DPentium Board (with
heavy load) and it seems to be really stable. But, of corse, you are on
the saver side to use 2.0.33. Check out for security

To improve performance I can also recommend to use the pgcc-compiler to
compile apache, libc and other often-used stuff. It really increases
performane a lot!


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