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#Actually, flashing '888' means "*CRASH*BANG*I'M DEAD*". ;)
#It's bad to see that before it hits software....

According to the tech we spoke with, 888 is the equivalent of 'I can't
find any hardware because I can't find an OS because I can't find the
hardware so I can't find the OS because I can't find the hardware'. We
had to call Megadrive and get the replacement controller shipped priority,
which took about a day. (Never buy a used Megadrive Megastack5. The
internal SCSI has a tendency to fail. No data is lost, just time.)

#I like the device number based scheme someon proposed.

I musta missed that. It's WAY too hot today (I had to kill half my
monitors) and I think I'm suffering from dehydration again. ;P

However, a device-number based scheme is EXCELLENT. Another alternative...

These are two articles on slashdot (my PERMANENT startpage;) about a small
LCD display that you hook up to a Linux box, and it displays system stats.
This could EASILY be modified so that it can be used as a diagnostic for a
headless system at boot. :)

Also, another interesting slashdot quickie...

Slashdot Poll
The Answer to the Linux Bootlogo Debate:
(*)Logo by Default
( )No Logo by Default
( )Just Leave it Alone
( )Who Cares?
Vote [ Results | Polls ] [INLINE]

Go vote. NOW. :) :) :) :)

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