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Fri, 15 May 1998 14:35:49 -0400 (EDT)

On 15 May 1998 wrote:

#How about the following config options:
# Probing eht0: wd driver verson 2.0.45c, IRQ 9, memory mapped at 0xC00
# dev auto eth0 wd 2.0.45c hw conf 9 0xC00
# eth0wdI9M0xC00
# Hello, I will now look for an ethernet card, which is what
# I need to talk to other computers. OK, found one! That is
# good, have a nice day (and don't call tech support, there is no
# need to panic!)

First the serious stuff.


Now probing for an Intel EtherExpress/16 Ethernet Card
I found your ethernet card at 0x310, IRQ 10! Great! :)

Anybody see any problems with that? I have a kernel that does that for
just about everything, and when I show it to Windows-Weenies, they get
this dumb look on their face. Then they say "cool, it actually works?" ;)

And of course, the not quite serious contribution...


Now setting up any plug and play ethernet cards you may have.
If your computer stops responding, hit reset and choose the
'safe resume' option when prompted.... ethernet card found.

*grin* They already exist with some crummy ATAPI CD changers.. :)

[root@eiterra /mp3]# eject -c 2
eject: CDROM_SELECT_DISC ioctl failed for `/dev/hdd' (slot 2): Success

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