Linux on RS/6000 7024E30

Christopher Horn (
Fri, 15 May 1998 11:33:53 -0400

The question has come up a number of times as to what RS/6000 machines
Linux runs on. Most of the 7043 (P43) machines appear to work for
people. Well, I thought I'd let people know that the PREP image at least
boots and mounts root off a ramdisk on 7024 E20 and E30 machines. It
appears to have been able to do this since at least 2.1.56

The newer snapshots by the LinuxPPC group do not appear to have serial
console support, so I am not sure what else it can at this point. The
2.1.56 image failed to see the SCSI adapter, which is on a secondary PCI
bus. For those interested, I tried the Redhat install image with serial
console support found on from 9/23/97


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