panic: Releasing swap cache pages at...

Paul Gortmaker (
Sat, 16 May 1998 01:28:06 +1000 (EST)

[ Ok, I just saw 102 is out, but haven't looked at it yet...]

2.1.101 (and 102 pre1) will reliably and consistently panic with:

Releasing swap cache pages at 0xNNNNN

where numbers have been 0x2ee00, 0x17b00, 0x1f400, 0x17800, 0x1cd00
which are bogus as __builtin_return_address(0) values. [page_alloc.c]

System is an i486sx25 PQFP on an old/compact (i.e. no L2 cache) ISA
motherboard (a rocket!), ISA IDE controller with one 2gig maxtor
on it, and 4MB of 70ns 30 pin parity RAM. Kernel is compiled bare-bones
(ide, ext2, proc, math-emu; no networking at all)

It happens about once every 45mins to an hour while trying to compile
2.0.34preX. (Needless to say, the disk light never goes out with 2.1.x
on a 4MB box). If it was a hardware flaw causing memory corruption, I'd
expect semi-random oopses and not expect the exact same panic five times
in a row. Chances are nobody else is swapping this much to notice :)


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