Re: Why from there? A rethink...

Horst von Brand (
Fri, 15 May 1998 08:32:47 -0400

Riley Williams <> said:
> On Thu, 14 May 1998, Horst von Brand wrote:
> > So, if you upgrade from 2.1.85 to 2.1.97 by patching, they are all
> > called linux-2.1.85?

> Nope, that's entirely up to the individual user, as clearly stated
> above, but I will clarify it for you anyway: If you upgrade kernels by
> patching, it is up to YOU as the user of the system to either rename
> the existing directory or copy its contents to the relevant new
> directory BEFORE patching it. The tools do NOT exist to make any other
> choice...

Then it's much _more_ work for patching (what I, and I'd guess most others)
do most often, just to do (somewhat) _less_ work when downloading in full,
something that is done rarely... makes absolutely no sense at all to me.


> Not according to Linux - as per the email he recently sent to my and
> this list, his reason for selecting a fixed kernel source root is
> because he can't be bothered about doing anything else, and he isn't
> worried about problems caused to others by his illogical stance.

If you read his mail carefully, he is just saying that he does that because
it's the most convenient setup for him, if others want something different,
they are free to set up an "version-coded tarball" mirror of sorts.

Look, Linus is _busy_, and it's _his_ kernel, that he is building and caring
for out of love. It's great that he also shares his work with the rest of
the world. But his generosity does *not* give you (or anybody else) the
right to demand that he changes his ways of doing things just for your
minor convenience. Least of all if it turns out to be a mayor inconvenience
to everybody else.

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