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Horst von Brand (
Fri, 15 May 1998 08:23:00 -0400

"Pat St. Jean" <> said:
> I'd prefer this order since there are going to be the unforseen times
> when the card may be capable of it but the monitor isn't. If we default
> to plain vanilla text mode and do everything else as an option, the
> suprises will be minimised.

> > 1. Use a text only mode.
> > 2. Can the video card support 640x480x16M? If so, use it.
> > 3. Can the video card support 640x480x64K? If so, use it.
> > 8. Does the card support graphics? If so, use the lowest mode it
> > supports.

Great idea! But how do you find out what (if anything) the card supports?
Without crashing it (and the system), without ugly flashing, and without
5Mb of code in the kernel/the bootloader/whatever? Just doing text mode
properly will cost you at least half a Mb...

Look, that Sun can put up a pretty color logo (SPARC Linux does it too,
BTW) just says that Sun hardware is the same in all machines, you can
depend on the same graphics commands for all. This is definitely *false*
for PCs (there is _one_ Xsun, and 13 XFree86-<whatever> X servers for
PC... and that does just cover the ones that can be shipped in source code;
at the very least SuSE has some more that can't).

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