Re: Boot Logo Questions....

Alex Priem (
Fri, 15 May 1998 15:30:23 +0200

Benny Amorsen writes:

>There are fixed frequency monitors that can be connected to standard
>PC graphics adapters and which do not support the standard VGA
>timings. However, they cannot show the standard text mode screen
>It would be nice to support boot messages on such a monitor, but that
>would probably mean including something like KGI in the kernel.

I think it would make more sense to include it in lilo. SVGAtextmode does
a nice job, but if your kernel is corrupted or the booting process stops
before rc.S is executed, you're dead. If you integrate lilo and
SVGAtextmode, you can read boot messages right after `LILO' is printed,
with no need for ugly kernel hacks.

Alex (proud owner of 2 old sun 19"es, and an IBM 20"-something.)

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