Re: Patch for miro aci mixer interface

Trevor Johnson (
Fri, 15 May 1998 02:12:06 -0700 (PDT)

Joerg Diederich writes:

> to get the miro aci interface (drivers/sound/lowlevel/aci.c) into the
> sound.o module, I had to apply the following patch. It is a quite simple
> one (only configuration stuff), but please check it before applying it to
> the linux kernel (it is the first time for me to send a patch for the
> kernel :-).

> diff -u --recursive --new-file linux/drivers/sound/lowlevel.old/aci.c linux/drivers/sound/lowlevel/aci.c
> --- linux/drivers/sound/lowlevel.old/aci.c Sat Feb 21 03:28:22 1998
> +++ linux/drivers/sound/lowlevel/aci.c Wed May 13 20:54:04 1998
> @@ -58,11 +58,10 @@
> *
> */
> -#include <linux/config.h> /* for CONFIG_ACI_MIXER */

Since you use CONFIG_ACI_MIXER and CONFIG_ACI_MIXER_MODULE in the file, it
would be best to leave this line.

> +#if defined(CONFIG_ACI_MIXER) || defined(CONFIG_ACI_MIXER_MODULE)

Your patch looks like it is meant for the 2.1 kernel, but you didn't
mention which version. CONFIG_ACI_MIXER_MODULE doesn't appear in vanilla
2.1.102 (the drivers/sound/lowlevel/ file is missing though).
You'd typically have code in the file which either asks the user
how it should be configured, or sets it according to how other things have
been configured.
Trevor Johnson

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