Re: Boot Logo Questions....

Benny Amorsen (
15 May 1998 10:37:36 +0200

>>>>> "RW" == Riley Williams <> writes:

RW> If you don't mind my pointing it out, any monitor that can be
RW> connected to a STANDARD VGA adapter can display ALL of those
RW> modes, and any that can't will only get modes it can display
RW> selected by the stated algorithm, so there's no possibility of
RW> 'unforseen times', as you put it...

There are fixed frequency monitors that can be connected to standard
PC graphics adapters and which do not support the standard VGA
timings. However, they cannot show the standard text mode screen

It would be nice to support boot messages on such a monitor, but that
would probably mean including something like KGI in the kernel.


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