Trouble Booting into 2.1.101-102

David B. Rees (
Fri, 15 May 1998 01:06:08 -0700 (PDT)


I'm having trouble booting into the latest (2.1.101-102) dev kernels. My normal
kernel is 2.0.33. I haven't tried any other dev kernels. The problem is
similar with both kernels. It hangs after detecting my SCSI drives on my
Future Domain 1680 ISA SCSI card. I didn't wait very long though (about a
minute) before deciding it was stuck). With revision 2.1.101, I was able to
simply unplug the drives from the SCSI card, and that allowed me to boot.
2.1.102 didn't let me do that, and I had to remove the card to let me boot.
No error messages popped up on the console. What other information can I
provide to help debug this problem?

Here's a brief system description:

Pentium 120/Shuttle 569 MB
Diamond Stealth 3000 VRAM
Generic PCI Network Card
Opti931 Sound Card
2 IDE drives, one CDROM (on IDE)
2 SCSI-2 drives (on the Future Domain)


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