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15 May 1998 03:32:31 GMT

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> Kenneth Albanowski writes:
> > Sorting order clearly does not need to be in the kernel or filesystem,
> > while case insensitivity is less clear. If not in the kernel, it still
> > needs to be ubiquitous, so some libc facility seems necessary. Note that a
> > canonical "lower-case" storage format is probably not feasible in all
> > languages.
> >
> > 'Til now, I've been of the opinion that case-insensitivity had no part in
> > Linux, but I'm coming round to the opinion that it will be necessary as
> > part of a "user-friendly" UI.
> NTFS stores a 128-kB case table in the filesystem.
> It is used to make the B-tree directories work right.

It's not B-trees, it is case folding. Just goes to show just how bad
an idea case folding is.

Case insensitivity is specifically prohibited by Posix.


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