Re: Boot Logo Questions....

Riley Williams (
Fri, 15 May 1998 03:44:53 +0100 (BST)

Hi Woody.

>>> I'd prefer this order since there are going to be the unforseen
>>> times when the card may be capable of it but the monitor isn't.
>>> If we default to plain vanilla text mode and do everything else
>>> as an option, the suprises will be minimised.

>>>> 1. Can the video card support 640x480x16M? If so, use it.
>>>> 2. Can the video card support 640x480x64K? If so, use it.
>>>> 3. Can the video card support 640x480x256? If so, use it.
>>>> 4. Can the video card support 320x200x256? If so, use it.
>>>> 5. Can the video card support 640x480x16? If so, use it.
>>>> 6. Can the video card support 320x200x16? If so, use it.
>>>> 7. Does the card support graphics? If so, use the lowest mode it
>>>> supports.
>>>> 8. Use a text only mode.

> Does a 14" monitor and a S3 Trio 64+ count? :)

If one was used, and the above test sequence was applied to it,

A. Which video mode would be selected?

B. Does your monitor support that mode correctly?

If the answer to (B) is NO then there's a problem...

Best wishes from Riley.

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