Re: getmsg & putmsg

Gerard Roudier (
Thu, 14 May 1998 21:24:02 +0200 (MET DST)

On Wed, 13 May 1998, Larry McVoy wrote:

> Look, if you love STREAMS so much, then go make it work in the kernel.
> Come back with a system that is less lines of code, works faster (both
> bandwidth and latency), and is easier to use. Until you can do that,
> nobody will take your seriously. I sure don't.

I donnot love STREAMS at all and I just shit on them.
I did write all kind of sockets and STREAMS based application programs
and resusable softwares that are actually incorporated into several
product at the Company I work, and not only for UNIX systems.
I do know the silliness of STREAMS, but have to use them when the only
other solution are sockets crappily emulated on STREAMS, or when the
only available interface is STREAMS.
I always use _native_ services instead of shitty emulations.

If the subject had been to claim that raw devices or any other really
used facility asked by users will never be incorporated in Linux,
I would have complained the same way.

> : > It's just a problem waiting to happen and none of us are going to let
> : > it begin.
> :
> : Donnot make me laugth since my lips are chapped. ;-)
> : You will do what users will want you to do or will give up, IMO.
> And you are the person that didn't want to start another flamefest about

I am not this person at all.

> STREAMS? Right. Good. Thanks for being so reserved and uninflammatory.

I just wrote what Companies have to do if they want to stay in busyness.
Why should it be different for Free Softwares and especially for Linux ?
(BTW, the previous phase was a joke, translated from French)


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