Re: Boot Logo Questions....

Riley Williams (
Thu, 14 May 1998 21:11:34 +0100 (BST)

Hi there.

>> There are only one problem: there are NO WAY to understood type of
>> monitor attached (Ok there are bunch of ways to do so. They works.
>> Sometimes :-) Not very often, unfortunatelly :-(( That's why
>> RedHat asks YOU while installing about monitor type).

> Why be concerned about the monitor. I thought this was going to
> take a minimalist approach. Using one of the lower quality modes
> should fit the bill for all monitors. I wasn't thinking
> 1280x1024x24bpp here... more like 320x200x16 at best. That VAST
> majority of monitors should be able to support that. And the ones
> that aren't will probably not be hooked up to a video card capable
> of that mode anyways (mono, herc, etc).

Personally, I'd aim slightly higher than that if the video card can
support it. Basically, my preferred algorithm would look like this:

1. Can the video card support 640x480x16M? If so, use it.

2. Can the video card support 640x480x64K? If so, use it.

3. Can the video card support 640x480x256? If so, use it.

4. Can the video card support 320x200x256? If so, use it.

5. Can the video card support 640x480x16? If so, use it.

6. Can the video card support 320x200x16? If so, use it.

7. Does the card support graphics? If so, use the lowest mode it

8. Use a text only mode.

Best wishes from Riley.

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