Re: The Linux console is a broken implementation of ISO 2022 (LONG)

Martin von Loewis (
Thu, 14 May 1998 22:06:54 +0200

> Do we,
> a. Rip out the current Linux scheme and implement ISO 2022
> correctly?
> b. Declare the Linux console nonstandard and invent our own escape
> codes for every future character set?
[ more options ]

I would go for a combination of a and b that works as such:

The Linux console is nonstandard, and we leave it that way +

There is an alternative console driver, which is compile time
selectable (maybe even a module). When this console driver is used,
the TERM variable is not initialized to "linux" anymore, but, say
"linux2022". Appropriate termcap/terminfo entries will be provided.

This other console driver tries to follow relevant international
standards as closely as possible, providing extensions where supported
by these standards.

Distributors then have to choose to activate either driver by
default. curses programs should not notice the difference. Programs
explicitely checking for TERM being "linux" will activate their fall
backs. Programs that just *know* they run on a Linux console might


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