Stripped kernel modules?

Adam J. Richter (
Thu, 14 May 1998 11:39:39 -0700

It used to be that you could strip the kernel module ".o" files
and they would still load, as long as those modules did not export
any symbols. If the module did export symbols and another module
attempted to reference one of those symbols, you would get a kernel
panic (this was clearly a bug). Well, it appears that somebody has
fixed this bug, and the kernel now refused to load any stripped .o
file. I wish that I could still load stripped .o files for the
modules that do not export symbols, because stripping these files
makes a big difference, because only twenty one modules in the 2.1.101
kernel export any variables that are referenced by other kernel
modules. If I recall correctly, this saves something like 200kB
just in the scsi and fs subdirectories. This is important because
the number of modules that fit on a floppy disk determines how
wide of a variety of hardware one boot floppy can support. Anyhow,
this is just a little feedback for anyone who is interested. I will
probably dig into it after take care of some other things.

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