Re: Why from there?

Riley Williams (
Thu, 14 May 1998 19:53:14 +0100 (BST)

Hi Linus.

>> I agree, the version number on the exploded directory would help
>> keep things in order. To keep backward compatability I'd suggest
>> also including a symbolic link 'linux -> linux-x.x.x' in the tar
>> ball. GNU's tar handles this correctly, and so does every other
>> tar I have used. Furthermore GNU's tar 1.12 includes an option to
>> overwrite symbolic links so if people are told to use it then
>> there shouldn't be the problem of people accidently using the old
>> kernel because they didn't update their link. In addition this
>> will also help prevent people from accidently overwriting their
>> changes when they upgrade their kernel.

> If somebody wants to do this, feel free. They can unpack my kernels
> and repack them, and do this automatically.

And if somebody decides to do so, and to add some code of their own to
the tarball before retarring it with the correct directory structure,
you will take full responsibility for any bugs their additional code

I have to say I seriously doubt that to be the case, even though you
appear to be implying just that with your comments...

> I don't use tar-balls, I don't want to have anything like this. I
> work in a "linux" subdirectory that I do a "make backup" on, and
> that makes the tar-ball for me. For me, the base-name without any
> strange version stuff is most convenient.

I wonder how much "inconvenience" would be caused were you to
implement my request? Lemme see...a file called "mklinux" with the
following contents would be my first guess as to how it could be

Q> #!/bin/sh
Q> # Replace the following path with the correct one.
Q> cd /usr/src/linux
Q> #
Q> VSN=`head -5 Makefile | grep ' = ' | cut -b 7- | sort -r \
Q> | cut -d ' ' -f 3 | tr '\n' '.' | cut -d . -f 1-3`
Q> if [ -l linux-$VSN ]; then
Q> rm linux-$VSN
Q> fi
Q> ln -s linux linux-$VSN
Q> cd ..
Q> tar czvf linux-$VSN.tar.gz $VSN/*
Q> rm linux-$VSN

Having created that file and made it executable, one should have no
problem creating tarballs with the standard kernel tree providing the
first three lines of the Makefile remain where they are...

Best wishes from Riley.

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