Re: Why from there?

Riley Williams (
Thu, 14 May 1998 18:40:45 +0100 (BST)

Hi Michael.

>> Why? Surely those links should be updated in the makefile as part
>> of the "make zImage" and "make modules" steps so that the
>> compilation process can guarantee that they're set correctly for
>> that compile?

> Well, no. I routinely build on a system where I don't have root
> access and I don't have permission to change /usr/include/linux,
> /usr/include/asm, or /usr/include/scsi.

> The kernel compilation process already works correctly no matter
> where the kernel tree is installed. The symlinks in /usr/include
> are for compiling userland programs.

As has been pointed out to me, these links are NOT connected with
compiling the kernel, which means that they are unreliable anyway...

On my own system, I have the following set up in lilo:

1. Linux kernel 2.0.33 which is the one I normally run under.

2. Linux kernel 2.1.89 which is the one I run when I'm busy
concentrating on amateur radio work since some of the ham
radio utilities I use don't cleanly patch into the later
kernels, and don't work at all in the 2.0 series kernels.

3. Linux kernel 2.1.101 (installed last night) to keep an eye
on the current state of play.

All three of the above get used regularly, and I can compile a utility
with any of them running. However, those symlinks clearly only point
to ONE of those three kernels at any time.

Presumably, I need to put something in my startup scripts to remake
those links every time I boot into Linux so they're all pointing to
the correct kernel sources ???

If not, what ought I to be doing?

Best wishes from Riley.

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