Re: boot process [SHORT]

Pierre Phaneuf (
Thu, 14 May 1998 12:56:03 -0400

Etienne Lorrain wrote:

> 1) When window(s) begin to add a boot sounds,
> do we have to get this discussion again ?
> IHMO build a nice boot loader in real mode,
> so you can use BIOS.

I'd guess not (about the sound), since most of this is about hiding the
kernel messages. But I don't want to THINK about that!

A nice real mode boot loader *is* a very good idea IMHO. You just use
SVGATextMode at the end of the rc scripts to restore text mode. Very

> Also, a still not proposed solution: for a
> really small logo between text lines on the
> standart console, the code in console.c could
> be extended to be VT240 compatible, and display
> sixtel (they are ignored if not understood on
> other VT). (I do not need logo)

Nice! I didn't think about that one, and sure wish I did! VT240 would be
nice anyway, since it wouldn't be something JUST for the boot process,
but could also be used elsewhere... Now, I'm not too familiar with this
terminal though... Anyone?

> 2) User of Linux may not like boot messages.
> Yes, mostly because they will not understand
> them, because they do not speak enought english.

This is more a question of jargon I think: IRQ, CPU, SMP, DMA, APIC and
so on, can be confusing, particularly at little error messages that
aren't critical, like some autodetection routine announcing failures
(which unless you are lucky, are bound to happen all the time). "My Foo
device detection FAILED!!! HELP ME!!!!"

> 3) Screen internationalisation in kernel.
> No solution for now, maybe open the door.

Would be nice!

> This was not written to begin another war,

We should all be working to stop those wars... Thanks for this message!

Pierre Phaneuf

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