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I've been following this thread for some time, and I have some thoughts
First of all I thing that on a big organization, is hard to convince
managers to use linux on a database server, especially if the machine is
say a Digital Alpha or an RS/6000 with their official *nix.
But if is possible to make linux less user-scary, it would be a real
alternative as a Win95 box, with the big advantage you can easily run
applications on the server using Linux as a remote X server, or java
applets. There's a market share on this, because if Tektronics sells X
terminal maybe they are used by someone (and newer one have also a
built-int java interpreter).

On small business system, ie. 5 computer, is instead probable that linux is
used also as a server. I think that in this case the easiness of
configuration is useful, and a tool like linuxconf could save a lot of time
thinking about what IP address choose.

At home use, unfortunately I think a lot of people instead a Penium 200
needs a Playstation or an ETV 3500 (that is an AT&T 6300 painted black,
with a daisy printer and a word processor in ROM, instead of BIOS).
I think that people that like use their computer have already linux
installed. And unfortunately for music composition or desktop publishing
and graphics linux I think isn't the choice.

Apart this, having less boot messages, and only those relevant to error or
weird thing is useful even to experience users IMHO, because these thing
couls easily go un noticed in the bulk on normal messages.

Michele Debandi - IW1CFL - Universita` di Torino

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