Re: boot images/logos/splashes (yet another idea)

Pierre Phaneuf (
Thu, 14 May 1998 12:11:07 -0400

Marnix Coppens wrote:

> As long as we don't use IBM's idea for AIX to show some 3-digit numbers
> on the LEDs to indicate the progress and possible errorcodes.
> "Hello, support ? My RS/6000 got stuck at number 204."
> You also had a nice manual explaining all those numbers.

Those LEDs were cool! A bit more would have been welcome (a short string
for example), but it was very useful for diagnostic. We only had serial
console, which we had the dubious tendency to get our terminals
"borrowed"... ;-)

For Linux, there's this LEDproc program (and little associated
hardware)... We've GOT to make this into a kernel driver to that we can
redirect the console to it!

Pierre Phaneuf

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