Re: [SMP patch] io-apic-patch-2.1.101-J

Harald Hoyer (HarryH@Royal.Net)
Thu, 14 May 1998 17:48:43 +0200

MOLNAR Ingo wrote:
> Please
> re-report if there are still problems. The io-apic-patch-2.1.101-J patch
> is against vanilla pre-patch-2.1.102.
> -- mingo

You should REVERSE the following subset of your patch, cause it fills your log
files quickly, if running tools like xosview :) (my /var/log/messages reached 9

Besides that there are no hangs ,nor oupses, nor oddities.

Though I have a PCI NE2000 clone, I cannot report anything about its behavior
(currently no coax cable and computer to connect to), but this will change in a
few weeks... then IŽll see, if it cures the known problems.

--- linux/arch/i386/kernel/irq.c.orig Mon May 18 04:41:33 1998
+++ linux/arch/i386/kernel/irq.c Wed May 20 00:06:41 1998
@@ -376,6 +370,7 @@
p += sprintf(p, "NMI: %10u\n", atomic_read(&nmi_counter));
#ifdef __SMP__
p += sprintf(p, "IPI: %10lu\n", ipi_count);
+ print_IO_APIC();
return p - buf;

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