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Etienne Lorrain (
Thu, 14 May 1998 16:56:06 +0001


> Let me tell you what happened to me once (well, more than once)when I
> put my default runlevel to 3, for X (in SuSE at least).
> I was annoyed at my 3 button mouse having only 2 buttons working, so
> I used on of the X setup programs to change it, after doing telinit 2.

Telinit 2 ? why ? XF86Setup can be run in Xwindow

> But I did it wrong, as it almost impossible to see these days what
> kind of mouse you have. Also, at first it seemed I did do it right,
> with all three buttons working in the XF86Setup program. But, when
> doing telinit 3 again, the screen just flashed, xdm trying to start X,
> then you could barely see the text messages on the screen saying
> something about the pointer device not being found, for .1 seconds or
> so, before xdm tried again, and again, ad infinitum. Now I couldn't do
> anything at all with the computer anymore, because the .1 sec. time
> intervals are not enough to type in telinit 2 again. However, after
> about 10 times trying, I could get a ctrl-alt-delete through.

Telinit is a userland software and is not always correctly

> But, of course, after booting into runlevel 3 automatically, the
> same behaviour occured, and I still could do nothing.
> So, I had to get my bootable SuSE cd out, and try to use the Linux
> setup program to be able to mount my / partition and change my
> /etc/inittab so I would boot into runlevel 2 again, so I'd have my
> beloved Linux back.

That is far too early to get the bootable CD.

Try before, at lilo prompt, to go to runlevel 2:
LILO: linux 2
To go to runlevel 1 (single mode but with a valid keyboard):
LILO: linux 1
to go to single mode (you will have a QUERTY keyboard):
LILO: linux s
If it does not work (/etc/inittab or init program corrupt)
LILO: linux init=/bin/sh

> But my / partition is not a partition at all, it is an md device.
> It is a raid0, / being remounted from an initrd ramdisk. All my
> filesystems are on a raid0. Now I had to make a script that would
> create my md devices for me, mount them, etc. etc. until I could get
> at my /etc/inittab finally.
> I got it working again, but it took me a lot of time, and a scare too.
> All from wanting to be graphical from the start...
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