Re: Why from there?
14 May 1998 14:42:25 +0200

Meelis Roos <> writes:

> kiun> A final gripe: Why oh why aren't the files numbered with zero padding,
> kiun> e.g:
> kiun> linux-2.1.08.tar.gz
> kiun> linux-2.1.09.tar.gz
> kiun> linux-2.1.10.tar.gz
> Maybe even
> linux-2.1.001.tar.gz
> linux-2.1.010.tar.gz
> linux-2.1.100.tar.gz
> or even
> linux-0002.0001.000001.tar.gz :-))

Of course, Linus has expressed interest in getting more frequent
code-freezes, which would mean more frequent "stable" releases. There
isn't really a *need* to have more than 99 levels between stable

Basically, I think we should

a) start with a stable kernel
b) decide which features go into the next stable kernel
c) work these into a development tree
d) get it stable
e) make a new stable release

in the meantime, those unfortunate souls who don't get their features in
at point b) would have to work on it separately, and if they have a
nice, almost-there patch at point e), they will be ahead in the line
when point b) recurs.


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