Re: Boot Logo Questions.... (short)

Jose M. Fandos (
Thu, 14 May 1998 14:30:31 +0200

raj dutt wrote:
> wrote:


>> I think the "world domination - fast" slogan is misplaced, or at least
>> misinterpreted (implying universal and exclusive usage). The user
>> community with strong technical skills is in my opinion one of the major
>> strengths of Linux. It would be okay if Linux was adopted by the
>> millions who use other OSes on their desktops, but I doubt it would make
>> a great contribution to the OS quality or functionality.

Quality and functionality... hmmm... maybe but sure it would be the greatest
contribution to Linux as to bring all kinds of programs to it. _That_ is
what makes a great OS, _yes_, even to the programer kind. After all you don't
want to program everything you can think of doing on the computer -- well,
maybe you do :-)


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