Re: Boot Logo Thoughts (LONG)

Roland Nagtegaal (
Thu, 14 May 1998 14:03:31 +0200

Phil's Kernel Account wrote:
> He's going to want something like X. (Which is easy to do; just
> change default runlevel to xdm's;)

Let me tell you what happened to me once (well, more than once)when I
put my default runlevel to 3, for X (in SuSE at least).
I was annoyed at my 3 button mouse having only 2 buttons working, so
I used on of the X setup programs to change it, after doing telinit 2.
But I did it wrong, as it almost impossible to see these days what
kind of mouse you have. Also, at first it seemed I did do it right,
with all three buttons working in the XF86Setup program. But, when
doing telinit 3 again, the screen just flashed, xdm trying to start X,
then you could barely see the text messages on the screen saying
something about the pointer device not being found, for .1 seconds or
so, before xdm tried again, and again, ad infinitum. Now I couldn't do
anything at all with the computer anymore, because the .1 sec. time
intervals are not enough to type in telinit 2 again. However, after
about 10 times trying, I could get a ctrl-alt-delete through.
But, of course, after booting into runlevel 3 automatically, the
same behaviour occured, and I still could do nothing.

So, I had to get my bootable SuSE cd out, and try to use the Linux
setup program to be able to mount my / partition and change my
/etc/inittab so I would boot into runlevel 2 again, so I'd have my
beloved Linux back.

But my / partition is not a partition at all, it is an md device.
It is a raid0, / being remounted from an initrd ramdisk. All my
filesystems are on a raid0. Now I had to make a script that would
create my md devices for me, mount them, etc. etc. until I could get
at my /etc/inittab finally.

I got it working again, but it took me a lot of time, and a scare too.

All from wanting to be graphical from the start...

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