boot process [SHORT]

Etienne Lorrain (
Thu, 14 May 1998 13:44:36 +0001


Just that I want to add few things:

1) When window(s) begin to add a boot sounds,
do we have to get this discussion again ?
IHMO build a nice boot loader in real mode,
so you can use BIOS.
Also, a still not proposed solution: for a
really small logo between text lines on the
standart console, the code in console.c could
be extended to be VT240 compatible, and display
sixtel (they are ignored if not understood on
other VT). (I do not need logo)

2) User of Linux may not like boot messages.
Yes, mostly because they will not understand
them, because they do not speak enought english.

3) Screen internationalisation in kernel.
No solution for now, maybe open the door.

2 & 3) IHMO the only valid solution is to begin
to replace line in kernel those lines:
printk ("KERNEL_INFO the harddisk has %d heads and %d sector\n",
nb_head, nb_sector);
#define CHARCODE=ISOxxx
#include "driver/block/messages.h"

printk (MSG_HARDDISK_NBHEAD_NBSECT(x,y), nb_head, nb_sector);

OK, there is a problem with people writing messages by
small parts, or using "^H", but anyway the problem will
appear when we would like to print in proportionnal fonts...

This was not written to begin another war,

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