Re: Boot Logo Questions....
14 May 1998 13:07:13 +0200

raj dutt <> writes:

> (If at all!) What i am saying is that there is room to make
> Linux look better without sacrificing anything.

See below.

> I think the best (default) role of Linux is a lean mean server
> machine.

Of course.

> However, with a little effort it can be transformed into a decent
> workstation OS.

What's missing? I use it as a workstation all the time (well, actually
the half of the time I'm not struggling with Win95 for development etc
on that platform). Works for me.

> You dont need to know how an engine works to drive a car.
> But the car should be built to allow mechanics to work and tinker around
> with it properly.

The "car" (why is the car the universal allegory?) should be designed to
be simple and clean, all the way from the simple interface of the
steering wheel (X Window Manager), down to the components of the engine
(kernel interfaces).

> This is what the proponents of this whole eye-candy thing are saying.

> joe user doesn't care if his ide uses irq 14.. he doesnt know what an
> "irck (irq)" is.

Perhaps he'll try to find out, if something goes wrong? Perhaps he'll
do an Alta Vista search, or read some docs. At least, he'll know what
to look for.

> It SCARES him.

He'll get over it. Tell him it's okay, that it doesn't bite, and that
the screen is just like paper in many ways (assuming, of course, that he
is comfortable around paper)

> he comes running and emails

I really doubt it, if the computer continues to boot into a nice
graphical environment.

> I personally think that if Linux wants to grow it has to have a world
> domination fast attitute.

Linux is over ten megabytes. I don't want it to grow a lot more.

> I am sure alot of people will agree with me on
> this one. We cannot compete with the MS marketing machine.

Still, by adding glitz, that is what you are doing: making it more
marketable, instead of improving it technically. I don't mind, but I
don't really care, either.

> If on the other hand, you think linux is not a workstation OS.. then
> dont bother commenting. I know what your going to say

Oh, but I think it is a WS OS! What I would question, is whether a nice
boot grahic and less information would make a significant contribution
to it's usability as a WS. What is much more important, is the
development of stuff like KDE, Gnome, CORBA services.


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