Re: Boot Logo Thoughts (LONG)

Olaf Titz (
Thu, 14 May 1998 10:46:55 +0200

> >Unlike /proc, the splash screen stuff doesn't _need_ to be in the
> >kernel.
> Unfortunately, it does, because nothing else is running from the point
> where the loader run to the point where init is forked.

But that's a very short time, compared to the overall length of the
boot process. (Except when probing certain hardware with long
timeouts, but such drivers often need not be included in a production
kernel [as opposed to rescue disks with all the SCSI drivers, etc].)

I'd just propose that the many messages printed before spawning init
can be suppressed (but put in the dmesg buffer of course) by way of a
boot option. So a userland application can seize control of everything
which is printed after "Uncompressing Linux...done".


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