Re: tar ?
14 May 1998 11:09:28 +0200

Podushkin Sergey <> writes:

> Trouble with tar?
> Try:

> tar cvf TarBallYouWantToGet.tar SomeFile SomeDir ... |gzip
> >TarBallYoWantToGet.tar.gz
> rm TarBallYouWantToGet.tar

> usualy it works without any trouble...

That wasn't exactly lucid. How about:

Pack the file "file1", and directories "directory1" and "directory2" in
a tarball named "foo.tgz"

tar czvf foo.tgz directory1 file directory2

c = create, z=compress, v=verbose, f=file name -> next argument (foo.tgz)

Versions other than GNU tar will probably not understand the "z" flag,
and you'll have to

tar cvf foo.tar directory1 file directory2
gzip foo.tar

to get "foo.tar.gz", which is equivalent to "foo.tgz" above.


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