Re: Kernel messages...

Olaf Titz (
Thu, 14 May 1998 10:55:45 +0200

> Has anyone given any thought to the idea of pulling kernel messages out of
> the kernel binary itself, and using numerical referencing for them
> instead, in an attempt to see how much space would be preserved in the
> final kernel image?

With _this_ intention, OK perhaps. But please don't even think of
kernel message I18N, which definitely has been beaten to death enough.


> Alternatively, no textual messages in the kernel at all, and offload the
> translation functionality to syslog, using something akin to to
> register the mapping of value to message text.

No, because you need the kernel messages most when something goes
wrong, including the case where this going wrong preventy any userland
application including klogs from even running. We need simple raw
message printing in that case.

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