Re: Why from there?
14 May 1998 11:00:42 +0200

Pierre Phaneuf <> writes:

> Linus Torvalds wrote:
> > > I'd second that, apart from a little question: if I apply patch-2.1.102
> > > to linux-2.1.101, is there a way to change the directory name to
> > > linux-2.1.102? If not, I can see why it is named 'linux'.
> >
> > Bingo.
> And as pointed out by someone else, you can always go inside the
> directory, patch using "-p1" instead of "-p0" and change the name of the
> directory manually if necessary.

Or you could unpack the tarballs with the option to overwrite symlinks,
move the resulting directory, and create a new linux symlink. Which is
probably less work, if you patch more often than download the whole

OTOH, the tarballs could come with version number *and* a symlink,
couldn't they?

A final gripe: Why oh why aren't the files numbered with zero padding,


instead of:


Am I the only one annoyed by this? Does everybody else know about an
undocumented switch to "ls", FTP "dir" and globbing which sorts
numerically? It seems such a trivial thing to do....

(And perhaps one more number level for pre-kernels?)


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