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Niclas Anderberg (
Thu, 14 May 1998 10:47:07 +0200

I am about to port linux to an industryprocessor (i.e. of no real interest
to anyone except the company) using a CPU, a small flash and max 32mb of
RAM. My problem is what kernel to start from, since i only want a.out (for
the sheer size of it) and don't need any device drivers (i will have to
write them myself since it is very unusual hardware). My first thought was
1.2.13 since it is very stable and doesn't include any "unnecessary"
features that will only waste space on my small system. I will have to mount
the flash as rootdirectory (has this been done?), and maybe use a small
RAM-disk for temporary files (RAM-disk is included in 2.0.xx, but in earlier
i can't remember). My other thought was security (since this linux will be
used on network peripheral devices, and the syn-flood wasn't corrected until
late 2.0.xx if i am right? There might be more incorporated than syn-flood,
and i really would like to know what securityflaws has been discovered
(anyone has a link?). All help on this will be appreciated, and remove the
NOSPAM to reply.

/Niclas Anderberg
Studying Computer Science and Technology at LTH in Lund

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