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14 May 1998 09:48:26 +0200

"Phil's Kernel Account" <> writes:

> On 13 May 1998 wrote:

> #Help Linux - how?

> User friendliness is *GOOD* in Enterprise environments. *NEVER* forget
> that.

I can see that user friendliness would help users, and corporations.
What I question is the meaning of "help" applied to an operating

> #Why is this generating so much heat, anyway? Removal or suppression of
> #the messages is a simple matter, all that's needed is a way for LILO or
> #whatever to initialize the screen and throw up some glitzy graphic.

> What's WRONG with it?

What's wrong with what? Generating heat instead of light?

> Eye candy doesn't hurt.

Then why don't you just do as I suggested above? Personally, I don't
give a damn if I get pages of boot messages, and I don't care for eye
candy either.

I do care about kernel memory footprint, code complexity, or source
download times, which is why I would suggest the bootloader insert the
graphic, and if it's really necessary, a kernel option to suppress
verbosity of messages. There is nothing wrong with your eye candy if
it doesn't adversely affect these factors.

Actually, I think is was a very reasonable proposal, and I don't see
much reason for your hostility and abuse of capitals.

> It doesn't always help, but you can't prove that it hurts.

> That's why we have XF86. And friendly window managers.

Guess what, I know what XFree86 is. I was addressing the point (#4, I
believe) made about how the banner graphic would have to be exchanged
for text mode after boot completes.

> If the spread of Linux is something you consider bad,

I don't consider the spread of linux a bad thing, but I don't consider
it extremely important, either. I use it because it saves me time and
money, if other people want to waste their resources on inferior
software, I couldn't care less.

> then switch to another OS, where they welcome elitists. This is
> Linux. It's free, it's open, anybody can contribute ideas or source,
> and we welcome new users.

Please point me to the relevant sections in the GPL, since I am unable
to find anything about welcoming new users, or not being elitist. I
respect the license, but within that, I'm going to continue using any
software I damn well please.

> If you're uncomfortable with that, then please, just go away.

Learn to use a kill filter, if my opinion bothers you so much.


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