Re: Kernel messages...

Thu, 14 May 1998 08:58:42 +0200

This idea sounds not bad, since the kernel is full of Messages
and Text ;-)
But i think this "string" to string[number] conversion
should not be done before compile-time because then
the debugging and traq-down process could be strongly obstacled.
The src will maybe become hardly readable.
Nevertheless it's a good step towards minimalism,
something that i like in *nix progs & apps;
of course one could argue :
Is that really necessary, we got plenty of speed and ram nowadays
so why wasting energy in making everything smaller and faster.
But this is Bad Thing(TM),
remember a game of chess in less then 1K for ZX-80.
Why not back to the roots. Smaller and faster progs for Bigger and
Faster Comps, well that's Good Thing(tm).

OLK (in front of Screen while having lot's of cans of Beer)

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