Re: Why from there?

Peter Miller (
Thu, 14 May 1998 14:29:20 +1000

Riley Williams writes...
> PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start including the kernel version in the base
> directory in the tarballs !!! I'd much sooner see a tarball create the
> directory "linux-2.1.102" than the directory "linux" !!!

I have a neat prog called ``tardy'' which is a tar post-processor.
When I unpack, I use
gzcat linux-2.1.XXX |
tardy --remove-prefix=linux --prefix=linux-2.1.XXX |
tar xvf -
which unpacks it into the linux-2.1.XXX directory instead of the linux
directory. (For suitable values of XXX.)

You can get the tarball from

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