About boot logo

Brian Weiss (brian@got.net)
Wed, 13 May 1998 19:21:08 -0700

Ok, I'm going to attemp to get things back on a positive note... here

Instead of arguing about whether a boot logo is good or not, we should
concentrate on how it should be done for many reasons.

Most likely, it's going to happen in some form, and done right, it could
be a very good thing. This fighting over it is getting us nowhere, and
it's going to happen or not, regardless of all this.

If the boot logo (or splash screen even I guess) is done right and
intelligently...it should be a good thing for all types of users.
Hopefully no one will lose any information they obtain from the boot
msgs, but people wont be "scared" by them either.

I'm personally in favor of a boot logo that still shows the boot msgs,
but apparently most people want an option to completely turn them off or
at least tone them down a bit. If this is the case with the boot
logo/splash screen, It should definately be an option that is easily
changed and would probably be best done from LILO. Of course, that does
present the problem of people using another boot loader to boot Linux. I
don't know what could be done about that.

Also, there could be major problems with anything involving real
graphics, such that it would require something similar to svgalib. The
first reason for this is that Linux (graphics especially) doesn't
usually just *work* right off the bat like win95 does somewhat. It
usually requires at least some configuring and fixing up. Due to this
it's safe to assume that this boot logo or splash screen would not just
work for a lot of people. And since it would run before anything else it
would increase the chances of things going wrong. The last thing Linux
needs is problems with the booting itself :). Probably the safest way
(at least for now) to do something like this would just to have a small
logo that is displayed like a simple ansi logo.

Suggestions and comments about these ideas would be good... no more
arguing and more intelligent thoughts :)


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