Number of things.

Martin Murray (
Wed, 13 May 1998 18:51:48 -0500 (EST)

A. Boot Logo

A graphical boot loader with a graphical would be easy to
integrate employing GGI. Of course, you wouldn't get much ability to use
the video card because most of ggi is in its userland libraries, there
probably is enough brains inside the kernel with kgi to throw up a pretty

Also, as I understand the BMP format, with higher than 8bpp it
stores images with 32 bpp width. Sometimes employing RLE. A JPG
decompressor would be stupid to have inside the kernel, much useless
bloat. The Gzipped bitmap wouldn't be a bad idea, smaller probably than a
BMP but not as small as a full fledged graphics format.

Also would be neat to be able to release the memmory that the
bitmap took when stored in the kernel after use...

B. Text mode

If anyone has tried GGI, you'll undoubtedly have seen their neat
equivalent of a splash logo when the computer starts up. I think that is a
very good example of good TextMode art. Something like that would work
best on most x86 architectures. Although, I think more architectures
support graphics modes than ibm text modes, a text image takes a _LOT_
less and code space. :)

B. PPC Board

I'm a High School/College (dual-enrolled) student. I'd like to
build a PPC based computer, needn't be horribly complicated the first time
however I would like to make a decent linux aimed computer. I was thinking
that implementing something with a 603e and the mpc106 wouldn't be
*horribly* hard. Has anyone done anything like this who could point me in
the right direction? I have a vague concept of what I have to do and I've
taken electronics at the high school. Mostly, I'm not sure how to design
parts of the circuit and how to interface the roms for boot. I think I can
manage most everything else. :) Any comments, suggestions, help, or advice
would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Martin.

Martin Murray

Disclaimer: Any resemblance between the above views and those of
my employer, my terminal, or the view out my window are purely
coincidental. Any resemblance between the above and my own views is
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absence of anyone to hold them is left as an exercise for the reader.
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