Re: fork() failures in 2.1.101

Benjamin C.R. LaHaise (
Wed, 13 May 1998 20:54:56 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 13 May 1998, Paul Kimoto wrote:

> After 2.5 days of uptime, fork() has started to fail on 2.1.101 with the
> error "try again" or "resource temporarily unavailable". There is no
> shortage of memory according to /proc/meminfo, and there is not a large
> number of processes listed in /proc. What else could I look at?
> (This happened twice before with 2.1.101, after <0.5 days of uptime,
> although I was using pppd version 2.3.3 then. It also happened with
> 2.1.99, although at the time I thought that it was user error. It did not
> arise with 2.1.98.)

What would be much more useful is the contents of /proc/meminfo and the
results of pressing shift-scroll lock (so we know what the memory
fragmentation situation is like). Also, what sort of load is this machine


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