Re: more Boot Logo thoughts

Brian Weiss (
Wed, 13 May 1998 17:41:42 -0700

Christophe M. Vallat wrote:

> I just thought I could tell my opinion, since I sort of started the debate
> with the boot logo patch.
> Most people seem to think that the boot logo will hide the boot messages. I
> personnally want to see all the boot messages, even if I don't care about some
> of them... When I'm rebooting my network file server (about once a month), I
> really need to check that everything's fine.
> Remember, it's about a boot logo, not a splash screen. A splash screen IMHO
> is a bad idea, whereas a small boot logo is fine. Have you ever seen Solaris
> booting ? The sun logo is about 64x64, and the messages follow.
> The boot logo code should not be tied to the kernel in any way - mine is
> inserted into the 'setup' part, which is discarded ASAP after your kernel is in
> memory... So it should only reside in the arch/ part of the kernel.
> Moving this code to Lilo ? Well, sure this would be a better place, but not
> everyone uses Lilo to boot Linux...
> And if you want to put a giant logo in true color mode, you must do that from
> userspace. Memory is a scarce resource when booting the kernel, and if you also
> have to detect the correct video board and choose an appropriate video mode,
> then you've no memory left for the kernel loading code. Boot windows 95 with a
> modified logo.sys and loadlin in the autoexec.bat...
> Just my $.02
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I wish this were true. I have seen a ton of talk about putting up a splash screen.
A small logo, like maybe a penguin at boot and then show all the boot msgs would
be great. I'm all for it, but it seems that a lot of people want to completely
hide them (whether it's an option or not). I would also like to say in response to
some other posts, that some people do actually read the boot msgs, myself
included. Not everyone just lets them scroll by and totally ignore them. So don't
go generalizing like that.

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