Turtle Beach Pinnacle/Fiji

Andrew Veliath (andrewtv@usa.net)
Wed, 13 May 1998 20:28:12 -0300

If anyone has a Turtle Beach Pinnacle or Fiji, they might want to try
a driver I'm working on for these two cards. Currently, it just uses
<linux/soundcard.h> and doesn't require sound.o, but is fully modular.

The Turtle Beach Pinnacle and Fiji cards are high quality 20-bit sound
cards which have SPDIF I/O options. I only have a Pinnacle revision F
with SPDIF I/O. I'm looking for people to test it on the Fiji, and
other Pinnacle revisions.

The current feature set includes full mixer support (though currently
it thinks you have all peripherals) and full-duplex digital audio up
to 48kHz, as well as some OSS/Free ioctls, such as sample rate,
stereo, size, reset, nonblock, get block size, get caps, etc (mmapping
is currently not there). A development kernel is required (tested on
uniprocessor computer running 2.1.101--probably isn't SMP safe yet).

It should be at http://www.rpi.edu/~veliaa/pinlinux.html .


Andrew Veliath andrewtv@usa.net, veliaa@rpi.edu

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