Re: ext2fs corruption

Colten Edwards (
Wed, 13 May 1998 18:26:58 -0600 (CST)

On Wed, 13 May 1998, Daniel Egger wrote:

> Hiho!
> Every kernel above 2.1.96 I guess causes severe filesystem corruption on my
> system. When I delete files it seems like ext2 is patching a wrong linkpointer
> to a random address. There it can't find the rest of the files sometimes.
> --

I've seen this on my own system. I also was getting alot of DMA timeouts
on a HD that had never given me any trouble before until I moved it from
one cable to another (was on 1st interface, moved it to the second). What
I found was that I had a longer than normal IDE cable because of the full
tower case I have. I have 3 ide HD's and a ide cdrom drive. What worked
for me was moving the HD from the outside link to the middle link of the
cable. I've since run into several people on IRC who were experiencing the
same problem and my solution worked for them.. So, check your cables. If
the HD is on the outside connecter, move it to the middle connecter, or
get a shorter cable that will allow your connections with minimal cable

Colten Edwards

PS. some companies will sell you extra long ide cables. Using one of these
causes all sorts of weird problems with the hardware. The timing seems to
be off or it's getting a reflection from somewhere. I found this when I
installed a new GA586-ATE motherboard.. I was getting very strange memory
errors that seemed to indicate a problem with my onboard cache.. Turned
out to be the ide HD cable..

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