Re: web based kernel compile

Alex Buell (
Mon, 04 May 1998 13:58:55 -0400

Aaron T Porter wrote:

> It's a matter of lowest common denominator you're willing to
> support. It would be really easy to do in Java or JavaScript... to work
> with Lynx, that's another matter.

Why not just have an email based kernel server? This is the least CPU
intensive option and allows you to filter requests for kernels in a
nicer way than running a web server could do.

You could request a kernel with a list of options in the email, process
this request, look for a precompiled kernel, if found, send it to user,
if not, queue it for compilation.

It's a nice idea, but best done on a bloody big bastard number cruncher
like the machine that someone recently mentioned that could compile a
kernel in _45_ seconds!


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